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We find the most optimum solutions to your problems with different approach models and together with you, and we’re making actual from zero. We’re going to walk together with you until we are sure that you are pleased to the result, and then we are again on your side with our support.

Software Plus, with the software specialist in which, has served by main force to reach you to the successful results. We are aware of that the process and the business analysis are important building blocks, and we start all our business processes primarily with those analysis, and we’re going to make it actual with you.


Since each company exists with their internal dynamic and their processes, each project are separately evaluated by our expert team, thus we take the opportunity special service for the company.

Software Plus, which provides data solution and counselling support to the business firms, updates itself permanently about the technologies which it uses. Thus, we get a chance to present you the most convenient technology as soon as possible. To keep and increase your existing customer potential and to be able to satisfy your administrative staff as financial with your service quality for your customers and with the labor productivity for your employees are our initial goals in the condition of competition. On one hand, we supply that you are engaged in increasing income, on the other hand we supply that you are able to optimize your cost. To prevent the mistake lost to be able to occur in intense work content will be easier with ERP Software solutions, which we are going to present you.

Whatever style solution you need, our high-equipped professional team is ready in the position to give you support in all kinds of needs for your business. You only want, we shall make it actual…


What Does Software Plus Do ?

We present software solutions in high standard determining our customers’ needs with them. Either we make turn-key web based projects, or we increase your labor productivity writing an ERP software specific to your company. We are going to be with you at the training stage of the software you need. But the most important one is we are going to make you feel different adding new modules you want to the software when you desire.


  • DESIGN From the concept to the result
  • WEBSITE DEVELOPMENT Microsoft Technologies 
  • MAINTENANCE & SUPPORT The moment you need
  • E-TRADE Turn-key projects



Development Architecture: ASP. Net, C# and other Microsoft Programming Languages.

Front-End Architecture: jQuery, Angular.js, Bootstrap, HTML5, CSS, UX/UI Design, Responsive Design, Kibana

Back-End Architecture: Elastic Search, SignalR, WebAPI, node.js

Database Architecture: MsSQL, LinQ, Entity Framework

Cloud Development: Azure Cloud Platform, Azure Virtual Machines

Mobile Development: iOS and Android Native Development, Mobile Web Development

Source-Control Architecture: Team Foundation Server

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