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We have developed Software that you are going to be able to say that if we had such a software, all our works would be easier.

We write smart algorithm specific to your company to be able to solve all kinds of problems in your company determining your problems on site. To keep and increase your existing customer potential and to be able to satisfy your administrative staff as financial with your service quality for your customers and with the labor productivity for your employees are our initial goals in the condition of competition. On one hand we provide that you are engaged in increasing income, on the other hand we supply that you are able to optimize your cost. To prevent the mistake lost to be able to occur in intense work content will be easier with special Software solutions, which we are going to present you. We make easier for you to use the Software giving you necessary trainings. We believe that things you can do are beyond your imaginations. Thus, to imagine is from you, and to turn it into reality is from us. 



Development Architecture: ASP. Net, C# and other Microsoft Programming Languages.

Front-End Architecture: jQuery, Angular.js, Bootstrap, HTML5, CSS, UX/UI Design, Responsive Design, Kibana

Back-End Architecture: Elastic Search, SignalR, WebAPI, node.js

Database Architecture: MsSQL, LinQ, Entity Framework

Cloud Development: Azure Cloud Platform, Azure Virtual Machines

Mobile Development: iOS and Android Native Development, Mobile Web Development

Source-Control Architecture: Team Foundation Server


Software Plus Project Business Process

Main titles of the project process is listed below. During the total project process, those main titles and subtitles to come out will create the main titles of the project.  


Analiz & Konsept                            
Tasarım Kodlama                            
Yazılım Geliştirme                            
Proje Teslimi                            
Ek Düzeltmeler                            


// Analyze & Concept

That period is one the most important periods. Each work package in the project is analyzed separately, and related system design and database design are made. Object modelled work packages are prepared for Software development process.

// Design Encoding 

Design concept acquired is started to be converted the pages. In the meantime, screens start to come out and it is started to move forward quickly towards the first prototype.

// Test

Test Processes starts with Unit tests during the Development. After the test projects are made real, an external test team tests the Software. The tests are multi-staged.

// Concept Software Development

After the work analyze, immediately starting development and design processes consistently go on during whole the project, and the work packages are consistently updated, and that goes on until the project due date. One of the main milestones in here is that a working prototype is delivered within the shortest time. That prototype is supplied to be overhauled according to the changes during process.


// Prototype and Productisation

At this point, when the prototype is effective, necessary lacks and orientation mistake in the period (if any), they are regulated again, and missing parts are renewed / updated again.


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